WSCF For VS 2005 Released

posted on 02/28/06 at 12:43:38 am by Joel Ross

Version 0.6 of thinktecture's WSCF tool has been released, and it now supports .NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005! Very nice.

If you're unfamiliar with WSCF, you should be. It stands for Web Services Contract-First, and allows you to build your web services by first defining the contract that the server and client will agree to. Now, I'm not a complete contract-first guy, but I do like the tool because the client proxy class generation is much better than the default proxy generated by Visual Studio - at least it was in VS.NET 2003.

Oh yeah - I'm not sure what version it was introduced in, but it now supports command line operations, so it can now be included in your build process, right next to all of your codesmith generated code!

One day, I want to develop a database, and have code generators do the rest...

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