What’s this? Ads In My Feed?

posted on 04/29/09 at 11:52:59 pm by Joel Ross

For those who read RossCode.com by visiting the site, this post won't mean much to you. For those who subscribe to the feed, you may have noticed a new item in the feed: An advertisement. And that's a big change for me. About a week ago, I joined the R… more »

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A Few New Podcasts I’m Excited About

posted on 06/18/08 at 08:00:00 pm by Joel Ross

It seems like everyone and his brother has started some sort of podcast recently, and since I'm an avid podcast fan, I've added a few to my list. The crazy thing about this list is that I knew the people doing each of the podcasts before they started doi… more »

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How NOT To Get Bloggers To Help Your Company

posted on 06/07/08 at 10:17:16 pm by Joel Ross

The other day, I received a comment on my blog that was completely unrelated to the post. It happens all the time, and I usually use it as a judge of what my PageRank is - I could tell when it jumped recently because the flood of comment spam increased t… more »

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The NuSoft Framework (and me) on the CloudSocket Podcast

posted on 04/13/08 at 11:23:04 pm by Joel Ross

Chris Woodruff, a coworker of mine, recently started the CloudSocket Podcast. So far, he's published two episodes, and one of them is with me, talking about the NuSoft Framework. It's a pretty short chat - about 18 minutes. It covers a bit of the histo… more »

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RossCode.com is Four Years Old

posted on 04/13/08 at 10:35:34 pm by Joel Ross

On April 13th, 2004, I finally had a blog set up that I felt comfortable with. I'd used blogspot, a couple of other generic blogging engines, and my family web site before that, but I finally decided that it was time to find a permanent home. So I set… more »

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RossCode.com Joins The Lounge

posted on 04/07/08 at 10:28:34 pm by Joel Ross

If you've visited RossCode.com (not in a news reader), you may have noticed that it's a bit cleaner - fewer ads, and only in the sidebar. Well, that's because I was recently accepted into the .NET Small Publishers Room in The Lounge, an ad network run by… more »

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Getting My Attention Back

posted on 03/05/08 at 09:00:01 pm by Joel Ross

Attention equals time. It's really that simple. To give someone your attention, it takes time. If it doesn't take time, then you're not really giving them your full attention. And if you're not giving them your full attention, you're wasting everyone's t… more »

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My Podcast List

posted on 02/26/08 at 09:51:23 pm by Joel Ross

Twice now, I've posted a list of podcasts I listen to (first time, second time), but I haven't posted an update in over two years. Today on Twitter, two people asked for some good podcasts, and while I answered, I figured I'd update my list, and include… more »

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Miss CodeMash? Check Out the Podcasts

posted on 01/16/08 at 12:42:45 am by Joel Ross

I was unable to attend CodeMash v2.0.0.8, which was disappointing. I followed some of the action on Twitter and I've read some of the blog posts about it, but it's still not quite the same. I've been looking for more info, and one of those sources is com… more »

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3 Steps to Better Podcasting Support on the Zune

posted on 12/11/07 at 01:48:10 pm by Joel Ross

I've been using the new Zune software with my Zune 30 since the update was released, and for the most part, I'm happy with it. I don't manage my podcasts through it because I want to keep all of my RSS subscriptions in one service, but I do use the Zune… more »

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