Real World Jasmine

posted on 11/01/12 at 07:06:05 pm by Joel Ross

Last time, I was just starting to play with Jasmine, so I picked something simple - the FizzBuzz kata. It worked well, but I can't remember the last time I was searching for a good FizzBuzz implementation when I was developing a web page. So I went back… more »

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TrackAbout Is Hiring!

posted on 10/18/09 at 10:39:08 pm by Joel Ross

It's been almost a year since I started at TrackAbout, and so far, it's been one of the best decisions I've made. I absolutely love working from home, and the team I work with is extremely talented. We're a small company, but looking to grow the team ver… more »

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Unit Testing Has Changed How I Write Software

posted on 08/18/09 at 01:11:26 am by Joel Ross

A few months back, I remember having a conversation with someone about my views on test driven development and unit testing in general. I told him that, while I understood the benefits, I hadn't been able to see any of them. As a result, I didn't do a lo… more »

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Data Synchronization and the Compact Framework

posted on 04/27/09 at 12:13:58 am by Joel Ross

Over the past few weeks, I've had a chance to really dig into certain parts of the Compact Framework. We're taking on a major mobile development project, and one of the key parts will be how we move data from the website to the device and back. So far,… more »

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Checking If the Browser Is Still Connected In ASP.NET

posted on 02/16/09 at 08:33:29 pm by Joel Ross

This past week, I had a bug assigned to me about a user canceling a long running process in their browser, but it kept running on the server. It was a process to generate PDF files, and the component we use is kind of memory intensive. As a result, havin… more »

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Retrofitting Code for the Web

posted on 02/27/08 at 02:45:06 pm by Joel Ross

Yesterday, Scott Reynolds posed a question about a problem he'd run into while making a web interface for his current project. The essence of his issue is that they have a static class that stores the current user and database connection string, and havi… more »

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posted on 10/08/07 at 12:33:17 am by Joel Ross

At the ALT.NET conference, Scott Guthrie announced that Microsoft is going to be making an MVC framework available for ASP.NET. Since I wasn't there, I'm not sure what exactly that looks like, but the blogosphere is abuzz with little tidbits. It sounds l… more »

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Rendering Controls to a String

posted on 07/13/07 at 12:35:17 am by Joel Ross

This is probably my favorite little trick. It allows you to take a control and render it as a string. Why is this useful? I can think of several spots you could use this. First, now that AJAX is much more prevalent, you could use it in an AJAX call - you… more »

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AJAX Authentication & SSL

posted on 07/12/07 at 10:53:56 pm by Joel Ross

I'm currently doing some enhancements to a client's website to take advantage of a few of the cool new features available in ASP.NET 2.0, such as AJAX, master pages and themes. We'd upgraded the site shortly after we launched it originally (on .NET 1.1),… more »

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CSS Stylesheet Variables

posted on 07/12/07 at 10:12:03 pm by Joel Ross

Here's?a post from Mads Kristensen from back in October about adding variables to CSS stylesheets. He provides a sample of what you can do, and then gives you a couple of different options for using it, depending on whether you have access to modify IIS… more »

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