Refactoring Switch Statements to Dictionaries

posted on 12/13/12 at 07:05:33 pm by Joel Ross

I recently came across some code that was causing an exception because a value was added to an enumeration, and the code never got updated to handle the new value. Fixing it is pretty simple. Just add another case statement, and be done with it. But fi… more »

Categories: Development, C#


The BusyLight and Skype

posted on 12/06/12 at 06:02:38 pm by Joel Ross

A few months back, I came across a post by Scott Hanselman about the BusyLight. I thought it was pretty cool, and I wished it worked with Skype, since I don't use Lync, but I do use Skype on a nearly daily basis, and I work from home so it's not at all u… more »

Categories: Development, Software, C#


Using Eventing to Decouple Applications

posted on 10/01/12 at 07:08:31 pm by Joel Ross

I've been writing an application to monitor Jenkins and update a Delcom traffic light with the current build status. I started out with a straightforward approach and it worked well. At first. But as I decided to expand the application to update icons an… more »

Categories: Development, C#


Dynamic Images and Performance Implications

posted on 05/07/12 at 11:03:14 am by Joel Ross

When we first started writing Tourneytopia, we made a lot of decisions without really thinking about the performance implications. The choices we made were fine for the time, but as we grew, we noticed slowdowns and eliminated them as they cropped up.… more »

Categories: Develomatic, Development, C#


Running Migrations At Application Startup

posted on 04/10/12 at 06:57:19 pm by Joel Ross

Over the last year, I've been doing a lot of work on Pay It Square and Tourneytopia lately. We're building new features, iterating on existing features, and fixing bugs at a fairly rapid pace. As a result, we've been deploying new code quite a bit. Ch… more »

Categories: Develomatic, Development, C#


Encrypting and Decrypting Data Using X.509 Certificates

posted on 11/02/09 at 08:24:08 pm by Joel Ross

Over the past few days, I've been working to change our build process and make it a little more flexible for our needs. As part of it, I was asked to look into how we encrypt our data, and see if we could come up with a better way to do it. Right now, we… more »

Categories: Development, C#


Dynamically Loading Config Files

posted on 09/08/09 at 12:52:01 am by Joel Ross

In my last post, I talked about dynamically loading and unloading DLLs. It works well, but I quickly ran into an issue: configuration data. The main application, which is what houses the DLL that's loaded dynamically, has a lot of configuration data, and… more »

Categories: Development, C#


Changing Code In A Running Application

posted on 09/03/09 at 11:53:32 pm by Joel Ross

As part of a new application I'm building, we wanted it to work together with an existing application already in place - in fact, we wanted it to share the bulk of the implementation for saving certain types of data. The main requirement we had was that… more »

Categories: Development, C#


User Defined Functions and NHibernate

posted on 02/22/09 at 10:11:00 pm by Joel Ross

At TrackAbout, where I've been working for a few months now, our database has a lot of user defined functions in it. This past week, one of my tasks involved using one of these functions in conjunction with an NHibernate object. There's a couple of wa… more »

Categories: Develomatic, C#


Checking If the Browser Is Still Connected In ASP.NET

posted on 02/16/09 at 08:33:29 pm by Joel Ross

This past week, I had a bug assigned to me about a user canceling a long running process in their browser, but it kept running on the server. It was a process to generate PDF files, and the component we use is kind of memory intensive. As a result, havin… more »

Categories: ASP.NET, C#


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