Way Too Long!

posted on 06/17/04 at 01:53:16 pm by Joel Ross

Holy Crap! It's been 2 full weeks since I last posted an entry of any kind! Why? Well, since the last time I blogged, we built a porch on our house (among other things), went on vacation to Baltimore, and I changed projects.

Maybe at some point, I'll actually get everything out that I want to write about. So many things have happened in the past few weeks, and I keep thinking about writing, but never get around to it.

Why? 1000's of blog entries to read! My reading has gone down. I'm now down to just over 200 unread items, so I'm getting there. We were in Baltimore for a few days, and when I got back, I had just about 2000 unread items to go through. I'm slowly catching up.

Anyway, I'm still here. I was going to post about being gone, but I figured most wouldn't even notice. My trickle of posts (1-2 a week) probably wouldn't even go noticed if they weren't there.

Anyway, I'll get a few posts out there over the next few days...

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