Jason Salas' Digital Pontifications

posted on 2005-05-05 at 19:38:21 by Joel Ross

I was mentioned on the May 3rd episode of Jason Salas' Digital Pontifications! Thanks Jason. I appreciate the mention. If you haven't listened, you should give it a go. He says he doesn't have a very good radio voice, but that was one of the things I like about his show - he's used to being on the air, and therefore, knows how to handle broadcasting to an empty room.

Jason and I have a little bit of history, so it wasn't a complete surprise to be mentioned on his podcast. He contacted us back in January or February about using the Tourney Bracket Control a site he maintains. He ended up using it, and had a nice pool running on his site.

But it doesn't stop there. He asked Brian and I to come on his sports talk show before the NCAA tournament. We did, and I thought it went pretty well. He was going to record it, but a technical glitch prevented it, so he promised to have us back on. I think it was supposed to be this past week, but I'm not sure if Brian was on or not.

And as if he hadn't done enough for us, he's now asked me to come on to his new ASP.NET show, which I am very excited about. I can talk about sports fairly well, but I can talk about web development like I can talk about my own kids! I have no idea when I'll be on, but as I get more information, I'll post it here.

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