Dynamically Loading Assemblies

posted on 2004-11-01 at 00:55:02 by Joel Ross

I won't be doing heavy blogging tonight because I have too much to do. I've been working on two different things tonight. First is my real job. That takes up a lot of time.

The second is my blogging tool. I'm working on dynamically loading plug-ins, and having problems. I'm following Roy Osherove's plugin post, and thought I had it. But it only recognizes assemblies that are referenced in my application - which defeats the purpose of plugins! UPDATE: I can now get it to find any plugins in the same folder as the executable.

I don't have the time or the energy to debug it yet (UPDATE: I found some, but it's still not perfect), but I think I'll be spending some time reading through his post a little more closely, as well as reading Eric Gunnerson's MSDN article about dynamic loading of assemblies.

For now, though, I should be able to put all of the IBlogExtension supporting assemblies in the same folder, and still be able to build the functionality I want. But I'll have to figure out the problem eventually.

In case you're wondering, I tried it both with creating my own AppDomain and loading them into the current AppDomain. Same problem either way. Very strange.

Categories: C#