This Is Sportscenter

posted on 2005-07-24 at 00:21:13 by Joel Ross

I recorded This Is Sportscenter last Thursday, and finally got around to watching it tonight. Basically, it's a behind the scenes look at what happens leading up to and during an episode of Sportscenter. If you get a chance to see it (I'm not sure if they'll replay it or not, but maybe they'll do another one. This is the second one they've shown), I would recommend it. It's a two hour show - the first is spent going over what happens during the day to get the show ready, as well as what happens the hour before the show airs, and the second hour is what happens while the show is happening.

It's amazing how smoothly Sportscenter runs each and every night when you see the behind the scenes look. There is constant commotion going on, and the anchors aren't affected at all by it. The highlights sometimes barely get in, and still, they come off flawlessly. There were miscues during the episode, but I didn't even notice them until they were pointed out afterwards.

Oh yeah. Their server room (the quick shots they showed) is quite impressive. 6 million feet of cable!


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