posted on 01/13/06 at 08:14:47 pm by Joel Ross

I don't think I've talked about TailRank in the past, but I recently saw they did a redesign, so I figured I'd check it out. It's a lot like Digg. Kind of.

Here's how it works. You read something you like. You share it with TailRank.?If enough people do the same, then it works it's way up to the top of the page. It's like Digg because it's a manual process for users. But instead of "Digging" something already there, you submit it again. It's also kind of like Memeorandum, because it tracks how many people are linking to it too. I'm sure that plays into a story's popularity too.

I hadn't registered, but decided to to give it a go and see what the benefits were. So far, I can't really tell.?You can upload your own OPML subscription list, and they even make it easier - I'm a Newsgator subscriber, and just by entering my subscriber info, they were able to import all 740 feeds. But after that, I'm lost as to why I want to do that. There's a link to focus the page to either Social or Local, but neither has returned any results for me. The error messages are cute though!

Oh yeah. I'm not sure what Social and Local mean either. No description that I could find.

Despite that, just using the top stories from TailRank has been useful. It's picked up a few things that the others haven't, which is good for finding interesting things. Still, I would like to be able to see the top stories from my authors in my OPML, which is what I thought I would get by adding mine to TailRank, but as of yet, I haven't been able to.

I guess I'll just have to finish my project after all.

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