Tagging Explanation

posted on 2005-09-05 at 23:10:16 by Joel Ross

Can someone explain to me tagging? I understand the idea behind it, but I'm more looking for a way to implement it on a blog. I know that Technorati allows you to tag using a rel="tag" in your links, and the end of the URL is the tag, and Technorati will use post categories as tags, and that seems fine - if you want to lock into Technorati. Del.icio.us has pages that you can link to for each tag, but it doesn't actually tag a post.

So what's the best way to tag blog posts? I'm considering using a plug-in approach - make an ITagExtension interface that looks like this:

public interface ITagExtension {
??? public string GetTags(string [] tags)

I think that is basically all I'd need. This way, you enter a collection of tags, and the software just passes those into whatever plugin is set to handle tagging. This way, I could write a plugin for Technorati for now, and if there was ever a better way, I could just go ahead and write another plugin to support that.

Are there any better ideas than this?

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