Syndication With a Blank User Agent & b2evolution

posted on 2004-10-29 at 14:06:19 by Joel Ross

The version of b2evolution I have installed has a problem with syndication when the user agent isn't set properly. When I went away from intraVnews, I forgot about the issue. I had a temporary workaround and it seemed to work, although the workaround was to not log any syndication hits.

Anyway, when I started using RSS Bandit, I added the hit logging call back in (in the process of upgrading) and forgot about the issue - it worked in my aggregator, so I assumed it was fixed. But yesterday, a coworker was trying to subscribe to my blog, and he kept getting invalid xml responses.

So I dug into the code and fixed the problem. It occured when a user agent is not set (intraVnews 1.0 does not set a user agent). I wouldn't have been able to figure that one out if it wasn't for Firefox - there's a plug in that allows you to change your user agent. I set it to blank, and was able to nail down the issue pretty quickly.

I haven't taken the full plunge to Firefox yet, but I'm close! There's still a few features that I'm looking for, and if I find them, I'll switch. But for now, I'll stay with Maxthon.

By the way, I checked out the source for b2evo, and it looks like the above bug is fixed in the latest version. I just haven't upgraded yet. I was kind of hoping it wasn't fixed - it would have been a good opportunity to contribute some code back to the the b2evo guys.

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