Signing Assemblies in VS.NET 2005

posted on 2005-05-31 at 23:51:15 by Joel Ross

As part of my process of moving the Tourney Bracket Control to .NET 2.0, I had to revisit signing. We sign our control, and we did it through the AssemblyInfo.cs file in 1.1. That doesn't work in 2.0.

You now have to do it through the properties of the project, and you point to your key file, and then tell it whether you want it delay-signed or not. I'm not sure I like that or not. Either way, the one thing I don't like is that it copies my key file to the root of project folder. I keep our keys in a keys folder at the root of my source hierarchy, and did this so that I could keep the keys in one place. Now, VS.NET wants to copy my key files all over the place. I guess that's not a huge deal, but it doesn't seem necessary to me.

WallyM (Sir Wally?) also posted about this issue, and he has graphics!

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