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posted on 06/28/07 at 11:09:25 pm by Joel Ross

For a while now, we've been able to generate documentation for our server side code, including ASP.NET web applications - either using NDoc or Sandcastle, but the one thing that was missing was somehow documenting client side code. At MIX this past year, there was a bit of talk about how Microsoft planned on introducing a way to document your Javascript code - so you could have Intellisense in Orcas.

Well, it looks like someone (Bertrand Leroy) took that to the next logical step - create a document that can be used in Sandcastle, with the eventual target being a CHM file. This was released back in April, but I missed it. Since then, it's been moved to CodePlex, so it's getting a little more press now.

(via Sandcastle Blog)

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