Screen-casting as a Support Tool

posted on 04/16/08 at 12:14:33 am by Joel Ross

Over the past week, I've been going back and forth with a third party vendor about some issues with their product. They have been unable to reproduce what we are seeing. We've gone back and forth giving them more detailed information, and they've been responsive, but they still can't reproduce what we're seeing.

As a developer, I can tell you it's just about impossible to fix a problem you can't reproduce locally.

So, we decided it would be best if they could see the issues we are seeing. Since we don't necessarily want to allow their support staff direct access to our installation (and their days are our nights), we decided a screen-cast would be in order.

TechSmith, who incidentally is located in Okemos, Michigan (near Lansing, where I grew up), offers a free product called Jing. I downloaded and installed it, and in five minutes, I had a nice two minute video that perfectly demonstrated the issues we were having. This should really clear things up, and given how simple this was, I can see doing this in the future as a good way to demonstrate (and show exactly how to reproduce) issues.

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