Scoble's Link Blog Goes Full Text - I Think

posted on 2004-12-01 at 00:09:54 by Joel Ross

It looks like Scoble has gone back to a full text link blog. He says why here. I saw a few come through that way, but since then, Kunal has run out of bandwidth for the month. I guess we'll see in a few hours, huh?

Anyway, I'm glad he made the change. He even used my argument for one of his reasons to go back to it!

I agree that the link blog is a good spot to advertise blogs - I routinely find new blogs by reading it, and end up with new subscriptions daily (when it's up).

Speaking of reading blogs, Scoble touches on how he reads blogs when he has 1000+ subscriptions. I follow a simlar technique with my 330+ subscriptions, at least as it pertains to scanning headlines. I have one search folder that find all unread blog posts, and I go through them, looking at the items whose title sounds interesting, and even then, I only scan the post. If it looks good, I'll either read it in detail right then, or depending on what I want to do with it, I'll flag it to be read later or to be blogged - if it's flagged to be blogged, it eventually makes it here. It may take a couple of days (or weeks, if I get behind), but it eventually does make it here. Right now, I have 20 items to be blogged. The items to be read later will get read, well, later. Usually around midnight or so. If they are blog-worthy, they'll get reflagged to be blogged, and wait in the queue until I get to it.

As far as flagging items goes, I used this post a long time ago to change the flag labels in Outlook 2003. Then I set up custom search folders to find that particular flag. So far, it's worked out pretty well for me.

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