RossCode Weekly - Inaugural Edition

posted on 2005-05-22 at 13:45:49 by Joel Ross

Well, here it goes! The inaugural edition of RossCode Weekly. We'll see how it goes. Let me know what you think!

New MSN Toolbar with Desktop Search released. I installed it, and I've been happy with it so far. The memory footprint seems to be smaller than before. But the best feature is still the deskbar shortcuts.

Microsoft to offer corporate desktop search. Sounds like Google already is.

Internet Explorer 7 will have tabs. Maxthon already provides that, but a few of the plug-ins and toolbars don't work with it. Hopefully I won't have to worry about that now.

IBM has released their blogging guidelines, which is good, but some question if it's really corporate blogging if the rules don't really allow for engaging in a conversation with your customers

NantRunner has been updated. The previous version didn't work for me, so hopefully this one will.

NASA WorldWind on a PocketPC? Very cool.

Todd Cochrane from GeekNewsCentral published a book on Podcasting. He's done more than 60 episodes, and has changed up his equipment numerous times over that period. He's probably about as close to an expert as you're going to find.

Microsoft announced OneCare to a mixed reception. Dan Gillmor and Robert Scoble go back and forth about it. Dan says we shouldn't have to pay to help Microsoft clean up it's mess. Robert says "we're getting better." I'd agree with Robert.

Jeremy Ensight wants writers to help out with his business blogging book. Speaking of business blogging books, two new chapters of Naked Conversations were posted this week, including one about consultants. is sold. Most blogging software pings, so this could be interesting, depending on what the buyer does with it. If they turn it into a blog search engine, then they could have a good application on their hands.

Microsoft to buy Red Hat? Of course it's on Slashdot, so it's taken with a grain of salt, but it's an interesting thought isn't it? If Microsoft did, would this lend more credibility (and resources) to Mono?

Newsgator buys FeedDemon. My newsreader of choice at the moment (Newsgator Outlook Edition) is getting a friend on the desktop. This makes sense for Newsgator since rumor has it that some people don't use Outlook.

Rush Limbaugh to start Podcasting. His show has been available to download in MP3 format for a while, but never as an official podcast. Can Bob & Tom be far behind?

Google Adsense for RSS moves into Beta. A limited beta. As in MovableType and blogger only. I was denied access to it, which isn't surprising really. Only having 6 readers isn't sufficiently large enough for them! On the bright side, Dave Winer can still link to me!

Yahoo! Announces Media RSS 1.0. This adds the ability to have multiple enclosures in each RSS feeds. I seem to remember Winer saying this was bad. I don't remember why, but I do remember it. I guess he deserves some respect in this area. You know, the whole "invented RSS" thing and all. Seriously, though. Do we really need another distinct syndication format?

Two Xbox Items. First, the Xbox 360 will be at least semi-backwards compatible, and second, Mountain Dew will give away 9,000 Xbox 360's starting in August. If you've ever met me, then you'll know I've got the inside track on one of those!

One of the best code generation tools I've ever used, CodeSmith, released version 3.0 this week. Also, Rob Howard announced that CodeSmithTools, LLC, is a partnership with Telligent Systems. The only downside to CodeSmith now? It's not free anymore, but it's good enough that it warrants a purchase.

Winer vs. Curry: There's been a lot of back and forth between the two of them over an interview in Wired magazine that didn't sit well with Dave. Read the story here. The two of them are both giving keynotes at Gnomedex in June. That could be interesting.

Yahoo! Music released their "all you can consume" music service for $4.99 per month. This definitely undercuts two groups. 1.) The RIAA. No longer can they claim that downloading music causes huge monetary damages - it's $5/month, and 2.) Napster and any other music service. Why pay $14.99 when you can get it for $5 from a reputable source?

With the release of the final Star Wars movie on May 19th, we'll stay technical. Carl Franklin explains why Luke Skywalker is design pattern, and George Lucas is a great programmer.

Steve Gillmor is back with the Gillmor Daily. If you ever listened to the old Gillmor Gang podcasts, this is a good start. I'm still waiting for the Gang to come back though. Anyway, read the comments on the first show. Last I checked, things went from good to bad in a hurry! And where are the enclosures?

My Google? Well, not exactly. It's called Fusion, but it's basically Google's answer to My MSN and My Yahoo. No RSS integration yet though, and only 12 sources. Of course, there's promise of more.

Bloglines is planning to be a blog search engine by the middle of the summer. It'll be better than Pubsub, Technorati, and Feedster. But wait. Isn't Google already a blog search engine? You just can't subscribe…yet.

Y!Q? Contextual Search using Yahoo's search engine. You can even add it to your own site.

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