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posted on 2005-06-06 at 11:18:16 by Joel Ross

Biggest news came out at the end of the week - There's a world wide developer conference next week and there'd been no rumors about Apple - until Friday. Then the biggest rumor of them all - on Monday, Apple will announce they'll support Intel processors and drop the Power PC chip. Will Apple finally give up

Longhorn not built on .NET? Is this really news? Yes, apparently there were plans to have more managed components, but the way it's been spun, it sounds like people expected the whole OS to run on the framework. How would that work? What would the framework run on? DOS?

Microsoft will eliminate the "My" from folders. Now, how will I know who's folder it is?

It's not technical, but "Deep Throat" outed himself this week. The Washington Post wouldn't confirm or deny it, but it seems pretty likely that this is Deep Throat. But wait. In the movie, wasn't Deep Throat a woman?

Yahoo! released Mindset to beta. It allows you to search, and then modify how the results are sorted by your intent. For example, search for blogging software, and you'll get a slider to change your intent from shopping to research. Shopping highlights Community Server, dasBlog and .Text. Research shows you lists of blogging software comparisons. Now, where's Google's answer?

There's a new open format for Office documents based on XML. Most people are looking this as "About time!" but not all feel the same way.

There's a new top level domain - xxx. They're hoping to get porn sites to move over to it, so everyone knows it's porn.

Longhorn eliminates the BSOD. Now, we get the RSOD - it's red!

Dave Koch is missing in Vancouver and the call has gone out to the blogosphere to help. If you can, help how you can, even it's spreading the word.

The latest aggregator is up, and you have to answer some trivia to get to it. It's pretty cool. I'm still not sold on online aggregators, but this one has some very cool features.

Last, but not least, I'm in Orlando for Tech Ed! I'll be taking notes and posting them at some point. I'll probably be posting information about the sessions I attend as well as some of the people that I've met here.


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