RossCode Weekly #042

posted on 04/06/06 at 01:12:06 am by Joel Ross

RossCode Weekly #042?- 04.05.2006

Once again, I tweaked the sound a little bit. It sounded like the mic was a little hot, so I bumped it down from where it's been. Let me know?if it helps.?Signal to noise: 37 stories in 30 minutes. Still better than a story a minute, so I'm happy.

Intro - 0:00
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Previously On RCW - 1:29
Memeorandum-powered baseball news
TiVo Series 2 upgrade is no more; Series 3 Lives

News & Views - 3:28
Google launches Google Related
Google and Clear Channel partner for web search
Microsoft on Malware: Just reload
MSN Local adds send to phone capabilities offers free mobile news
Halo 3 in March '07
C|Net rolls out College Live rolls out import tool
AOL changes their name
Apple and Gmail celebrate birthdays

The Cold Wars - 12:18
Boot Camp allows Intel Macs to boot windows
Microsoft makes Virtual Server free
Mapquest launches voice assistant for your phone
Studios agree to do DVD-Download Simul-Release, but only for PC viewing
Time Warner Cable and Comcast will take wait and see approach for Server-based DVRs
NBC Universal offering shows on demand for Comcast subscribers
First HD-DVD ships in Japan
Netflix sues Blockbuster
PS3 price revealed
30Boxes adds TV listings
Create your own search engine with Alexa
Google adds paid ads to Local maps
Google Base taking shape

Odds & Ends - 22:52
April Fools round-up
Scoble to Google, Zawodny to Google, Matt Cutts to Yahoo
Amazon to release all employee's IM addresses
MSN Search spoof
Microsoft to release Vista with a Linux?Kernel
Opera Models
China?buys Google
Google Romance
Channel?9 and Coding4Fun?stuff
Wikipedia's listing of April Fools Jokes

Bonehead of the Week - 27:37
[Placeholder for winning team] Wins The NCAA Championship!

Outro?- 28:56

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