RossCode Weekly #041

posted on 03/30/06 at 04:53:00 pm by Joel Ross

RossCode Weekly #041?- 03.30.2006

I've been dabbling with Audacity?a little bit, and I think I was able to filter out a bit of the dungeon ambience this week. Let me know if you hear a difference, and if so, then I'll keep doing it. I may even start dabbling with some other software to record the show too in the next few weeks, as well as actually looking into changing the show up a little bit?- intro music (maybe even an actual intro), maybe no more background music, etc.?We'll see though. Anyway, this week, we have 35 stories in less than 30 minutes. To me anytime i hit better than a story per minute is good SNR!

Intro - 0:00
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Previously On RCW - 1:30
FeedDemon 2.0 released
Newsgator Inbox released
Newsgator Online gets revamped
Google's new search interface - revealed

News & Views - 4:05
Google added to S&P 500
Google to sell off 5,300,000 more shares
Google does job search
YouTube limits videos to 10 minutes
MSN-TV to launch in-car service
Microsoft delays Virtual Server to 2007
MSN Spaces to go Live
Biztalk RTM is here

The Cold Wars - 8:48
Cablevision rolling out server-based DVR
Time Warner Cable to offer instant replay TV shows
TiVo court case with EchoStar begins
TiVo upgrades series 2 offerings
ABC offering subscriptions for series on iTunes
France and Denmark want iTunes DRM opened up
Universal Pictures to offer downloadable movies
Universal won't downsample HD DVD content
TorrentSpy standing up to RIAA
Skype founders sued for racketeering
Lycos enters VoIP game
Sprint-Nextel offers Mobile search
Obopay set to launch
Adobe won't be rushing it's port of products to Intel Macs

The Grapevine - 20:35
Quad-Core CPUs due in Q1 2007
Google Music?

Odds & Ends - 23:15
Pimp your rims
Customized Cola
Sony stops producing PSOne
Urinal Games

Bonehead of the Week - 25:53
Vonage user on hold while house burns
More than half of Vista to be rewritten?
Google deletes their own blog

Outro?- 28:11

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