RossCode Weekly #040

posted on 03/24/06 at 07:11:52 pm by Joel Ross

RossCode Weekly #040?- 03.24.2006

The show didn't turn out as long as I thought it was going to. Keeping up with the stats, I did 43 stories in less than 30 minutes. How's that for signal to noise? Unless, of course, you consider the whole show noise!

Intro - 0:00
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Previously On RCW - 1:07
Dell buys Alienware
CBS's NCAA game streaming a success
CBS will sell condensed, full games on iTunes
Google forced to reveal websites to Government
Google court case thrown out
Windows Live ID to support multiple credentials

News & Views - 6:20
Vista delayed until 2007
Vista uses plain ol' BIOS to boot
Office 2007 coming in 2007
Google launches Finance
Yahoo launches local news adds URL info
Grid storage from Amazon
Microsoft Atlas March CTP released
Microsoft's Team Foundation Server launches

The Cold Wars - 12:25
RIM?buys Ascendant Systems
Sony announces PS3 delay
PS3?to be region-free to become Digg-like
Warner on schedule to release HD-DVDs on April 18th
1st Gen HD players won't allow copying
Disney may support both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD
Disney sells movie on iTunes
ABC to start stream test
NBC to show "Heist" on demand on MSN
Google Video offers downloadable videos
Google Video offers RSS feeds
Newsgator Inbox released
Newsgator buys SmartFeed
Newsgator announces synchronization support with Vista and?IE 7
Yahoo Messenger 7.5 beta released
Windows Live Messenger beta open to public, but not really
IE7 Beta 2 Preview released
Firefox 2.0 Alpha 1 released
Mozilla Lighting released
Google Reader adds sharing
Paypal Mobile

The Grapevine - 24:41
Microsoft to offer XBox 360 dev kit for $100
TiVo Series 3 to debut in September, for $800?
Google offers to sell access to books for publishers

Odds & Ends - 27:17
Trojan encrypts files and demands $300
Wesmirch - powered by Memeorandum

Outro?- 28:37

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