RossCode Weekly #039

posted on 03/10/06 at 04:45:08 pm by Joel Ross

RossCode Weekly #039?- 03.08.2006

This week's late, so it's a little longer. One thing I do try to do though, is make sure the signal to noise ratio is high. This week, I wanted to quantify that a bit. I went over 49 stories in 34 minutes. 40 seconds per story. Not bad...

Like I said, I'm taking a week off to celebrate March Madness - actually, I'll probably be working harder for most of it, so I won't have time to do one. I'll be back the following week though.

Intro - 0:00
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Previously On RCW - 1:19
TiVo announces KidZone
30Boxes adds Outlook, Yahoo, and iCal import
Origami Revealed
PS3 delayed until Christmas '06?
Google stripping ads from mobile news

News & Views - 4:37
Passport to become Windows Live ID
Microsoft buys Apptimum
Microsoft buys Onfolio
DOJ going after record companies for price fixing online music sales
Wireless movie tickets in real time
Schedule TiVo recordings from your?cell phone
Don't forget: March Madness games online
YouTube signs content deal with MTV
YouTube gets the Oscars
Google pays $90,000,000 over click fraud??
Tower Records launches TowerPod

The Cold Wars - 11:38
RIM & NTP settle for $612,500,000
TiVo's new service plans
Google Adwords allows demographic profiling
Google to buy Writely?/ Google Buys Writely
Skype conference call limitations cracked
Sony's first Blu-Ray Vaio by midyear
LG to drop Blu-Ray player in favor of combo player
Goowy to add IM and File Sharing
New features for
New Windows Live toolbar
Wiring the Web
MapQuest offers API
AOL released AIM SDK
Creative looking at movie download service
ABC offering free videos
iTunes offering season passes

The Grapevine - 23:30
iTunes movie download service coming
4 inch iPod video?
New Google Search Option: Date?
Google working on GDrive
Google CL2 - a reality
Yahoo feeding Google's secrets
Firefox made $72,000,000 from Google
AOL Layoffs?/?Nope, not quite
Wireless USB coming
Seagate launches Wireless USB drive
Dell to buy Alienware?
AT&T to reunite Baby Bells?

Odds & Ends - 30:56
Track your packages with Google Maps
UK wants to make DOS attacks illegal
Wikipedia on your iPod
14 year old discovers gmail flaw

Next Time?- 32:40
Firefox 2.0 Alpha expected soon

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