RossCode Weekly #024

posted on 10/28/05 at 11:50:18 pm by Joel Ross

RossCode Weekly #024 - Week of 10.30.2005

Intro - 0:00
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Previously on RCW - 1:05
PalmOS not going away?(#023)
Level 3 and Cogent reach agreement?(#021)

News & Views - 2:16
iTunes launches in Australia
Apple sued over Nano scratches
Motorola ROKR a flop
Comedy Central launching streaming online channel
Cartoon maker launches free video casts
VS 2005 on MSDN
Microsoft threatens to remove Windows from Korea
Bill Gates turns 50
AT&T name will live on - SBC changing names
ICANN and Verisign reach new agreement
NES turns 20!
All US passports to have RFID in a year
Flickr launches print services
Digg gets 2.8M in funding

The Cold Wars - 11:03
Technorati indexes 20,000,000th blog
MySQL 5.0 released
MSN Search adds Book Search
IBM cranking out XBox 360 chips
Yahoo launches Trip Planner
Google getting in trouble over Geo-Targetting RSS ads
Google resumes book scanning
Google adds flight search
Google and Microsoft are front runners for AOL
Kai-Fu Lee California case put on hold

The Grapevine - 18:06
News Corp interested in SIPphone
Blu-Ray to add managed copy?
Google Base?
Will Microsoft will have web-based office in a year?

Bonehead of the Week - 22:13
Google's Web Accelerator is back!
Company looks to sue over XML patents
Forbes attacks bloggers

Next Week - 26:05
Oct. 31st: Sprint to launch music service
Nov. 1st: Microsoft to announc new strategy

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