RossCode Weekly #022

posted on 10/15/05 at 12:47:11 am by Joel Ross

RossCode Weekly #22 is ready for your listening pleasure! Ok. I make no guarantees of pleasure, but it's ready regardless!

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Previously On RCW - 0:40
Cogent and Level 3 play nice - for 30 days?(#021)
Warner Brothers next to support both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray?(#021)
AT&T fixes VoIP 911 issue?(#020)
Newsgator API gets an update?(#015)

Oops - 3:12
PocketDish?launches, doesn't download from Satellite directly?(#020)

News?& Views - 3:58
Google adds tagging to search history
Relevant blog searches - Sphere launches
Congoo search engine!
Viacom?buys iFilm for $49,000,000
Moreover acquired by Verisign
Google came close to Moreover acquisition
Verisign's payment service acquired by eBay
Free SkypeOut calls by gaming the system
Palm to ship Linux powered phones
Football on your phone?
LG announces TiVo-like phone
DirecTV offering their own DVR
Microsoft released big MCE update
Front Row and Remote
iTunes 6 released
new iMac G5
iPod Video launches
Download ABC shows for $1.99
The Podcast Network signs with Motorola
Yahoo Podcasts directory
Yahoo adds blog search and flickr photos to news search
Yahoo offers Stanford students free music for a year

The Cold Wars - 15:00
Microsoft and Real Networks reach anti-trust agreement
Microsoft will use Rhapsody as music service. Explains drop of talks with music networks
Yahoo and MSN plan IM interop
AOL is a hot commodity
Google / Comcast?and AOL
Yahoo?and AOL
Oracle buys Innobase
NetZero adds VoIP service
NTP wins case against RIM - Crackberry's to be turned off?
Delphi files for Chapter 11
Newsgator joins forces with Feedburner to offer enterprise level features
No Google Office
Google and Microsoft revive Kai-Fu Lee court case

The Grapevine - 21:54
Google close to launching Purchases
Google to build Trillian-like IM software?
Comcast wants to offer VOD/DVD combo
Blockbuster could have bought NetFlix in 2000 for $50,000,000
Vonage sale
Microsoft may release Visual Studio 2005 to MSDN Subscribers on October 15th

Bonehead?of the Week - 25:11
FIFA puts publishing restrictions on World Cup games

Next Week - 26:04
Apple to release new PowerBooks and PowerMacs
AOL expected to sign content deal with Intelliseek

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