RossCode Weekly #009

posted on 2005-07-18 at 01:14:21 by Joel Ross

It's been a long week and busy weekend, so this'll most likely be brief. I didn't have the time to scour as deeply as I'd like, but I think I got the highlights.

Google opens up AdSense for everyone - if you have 100 subscribers, according to Steve Rubel. I'm not sure where he's getting this information, but to me, it still looks like the original beta, so take it for what it's worth.

Hotmail is testing a new interface. Not many details about the new interface, but it hasn't changed much recently, and the pressure from gmail is probably getting to be too much. Again, open up POP3 access for free, and that'll be the best interface for me!

CBS is podcasting, as is MSNBC. All of a sudden, there's a huge surge from more mainstream sources into the podcasting domain. And yes, Apple is definitely part of that trend.

AOL released Triton, the beta of the next AIM client. It has video support, as well as video editing support. And by August, you'll be able to extend it with plug-ins. Very cool.

Microsoft is changing their certification program. Oddly, not many are talking about this in the ol' blogosphere. The new program details are slowly trickling out, but it looks like the point is to make the certs more useful. My view of certifications doesn't really change though - I'm not sold on them. I'd want someone who's too busy using the products to get certified on my project rather than someone who has the time to take tests and hasn't really used the products in production.

Xbox 360 to launch November 4th? That's the rumor, which makes sense. You'll have a month and a half to get it before Christmas, which will be good enough for them to sell out, and people buying them off of ebay for $600 by Christmas.

Atom 1.0 is ready to go. Does this mean I have to get an update to my aggregator? How soon before the first Atom 1.0 feeds will be in the wild?

And that's a wrap. I'm tired!

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