RossCode Weekly #008

posted on 2005-07-11 at 00:02:18 by Joel Ross

I'm just starting to catch up on feeds after a nice party at the house this weekend celebrating my daughter's and my birthday, but it's time for me to get this down, so we'll assume not much happened over the weekend.

First, a rumor: Apple may release a media center device later this summer, based on Mac OS X. This could be soemthing to keep the sales going while people wait for the Intel Macs.

Google released a toolbar for Firefox, as well as adding Google Suggest to the Firefox search box. For Google being the hero of the open source community, they sure took long enough to get this out there.

Yahoo launches SMS search. Send an text message to a 92466 (Yahoo) with a search term, and you'll get a response back. Nice.

Yahoo testing RSS Search. Steve Rubel has the screen shots, even though the site isn't up any more. One more search engine in the RSS mix!

Pre-release version of Longhorn has gone out to a select group of testers. I guess this means we really are getting close to a beta. Oh yeah. They're also testing IE 7. I can't wait!

Slow news week this week, so this is it! Have a good week.

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