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posted on 05/30/05 at 11:01:33 pm by Joel Ross

This'll be a shortened version due to the holiday, and the fact that I'm about 3 days behind on reading my feeds. No time to read when you spend the weekend on Spring Lake and Lake Michigan. It's OK though. There's not much news this week anyway. With that, here's what I saw that's newsworthy this week.

The next version of iTunes will support podcasting. Smart move - this basically kills iPodder doesn't it?

Speaking of Apple, are they considering using Intel processors? Does this mean I can run OS X or whatever will be the latest when it launches on my PC-based machine?

Microsoft announced Virtual Earth, a competitor to Google Earth. Being second to market, they have to offer something better than the first one to market or they lose. So what did Microsoft add? 45 degree angles, and what looks like closer shots. I guess that qualifies!
(Sean Alexander, Unofficial Microsoft Blog) is open for submissions. Apparently, the kit download has been downloaded 3 times more than expected. I would like to see a few of the entries.

The author of bittorrent launched a torrent search engine. Neither the MPAA nor the RIAA could be reached for comment. Something about filing a lawsuit.

The Start Something Amazing campaign started - how has Windows XP helped you bring your passions to life! Tell Microsoft, and you could be meeting with BillG himself.

Roadcasting? Cool idea, but it'll have to take off in bigger cities. I don't see it catching on in Spring Lake any time soon.

Hacker holds documents hostage for $200. Dr. Evil comes to mind.

Will Y! Music raise it's prices? Steve Jobs is in his office pool for 5 months.

Blogebrity Magazine. Did you make the list? And where's Instapundit?

Grafolilious - delicious via graphs. Cool.

The Gillmor Gang is back! I can't wait to listen to this again. Oh yeah, the Gillmor Daily's RSS enclosures seem to be working too now.

That's it! In case there's a question - no this won't typically mean these will be the only posts. I just had a busy week, and am working on some code that's been giving me issues. I'll get some posts out soon!

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