RossCode Fantasy League - Draft Reminder

posted on 2005-09-03 at 16:00:45 by Joel Ross

This is just a reminder for the teams in the RossCode fantasy league that the draft will be on Monday at 3:00 AM. It's (obviously) a draft list, so get your lists ready!

The split up in the league is pretty good - there's a few from NuSoft, a few friends, a client or two, and the rest are readers of mine - although, there's a few that I don't know who they are, so I'm not sure where they're from. That's one of the odd things about the MSN/Fox fantasy software - if someone sets their team info as hidden, even as commish, I can't see it.

On another note, I'll be starting up my NFL picks again. It also sounds like Andrew Connell will be making picks too, so maybe we'll have to have a little informal competition! Anyway, my picks will be easier to make this year, because I created a quick Excel macro that takes my picks I made, and creates my initial HTML for me - yes, I track my picks in Excel. But it gives me the functionality I want, and it was quick and easy to make. Now, it even helps me make my posts - both the prediction and the review. Hey - that'll be two more guaranteed posts every week, starting Thursday, with my picks, and then the following Tuesday, with my review. I may even start out with a review of the past?two years as a warm up - if I get the time!

Anyway, by Monday morning, we'll all have our teams and?be ready to go!?

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