RossCode Fantasy Football League

posted on 2005-08-01 at 22:07:28 by Joel Ross

I'm starting a fantasy football league, and looking for teams. The feedback wasn't as good as I'd hoped it would be for my fantasy football league, so I'm going to open up league membership to friends of friends too. If you want to join, and have a friend who wants to join, feel free to invite them too!

So far, I've gotten a commitment from just 3 people - which leaves the league at 4 teams, including me. I have a few others that I know that may be interested, but I'd like to see a larger league than 8 teams this year!

But I guess it's time to supply some more details, eh? I decided to go with Fox Sports. I looked at the NFL one (thanks for the suggestion, Erik), but I thought the interface for Fox was cleaner. The league is live, and you can join the league here. Here's the key information:

League ID: 28804 (this is pre-filled using the above link)
Password: rosscode2005

So now you can join. But what about drafting your team? Given the distributed nature of the league and time constraints for me, I don't see a live draft as very feasible, so it's going to be an automatic list draft. I would much rather do a live draft, but given the difficulty of finding a time that works for everyone, I don't see it happening.

Next, rosters: It's a pretty standard league - your starting roster will consist of 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, a WR/TE, a kicker and a team defense/special teams. You'll get 6 bench spots. And of course, if you have a reason before the league starts that this should be changed, let me know because it can all be changed.

Scoring: I basically took their defaults. I like it better than what I used with Yahoo last year because it gives players who don't score as much a more prominent role. Here's the scoring details:

TDs: 6 pts
2pt Conversions: 2pts
Ints: 2 pts
Yds: 1 pt for every 25 yards. This will result in twice as many passing points as last year where it was 1 for every 50 yards. I'm also considering - and soliciting feedback - adding a bonus for a 300 yard passing game. Probably just a few points - 3 or so.

TDs: 6 pts
Yds: 1 pt for every 10 yards. Again, this will result in twice as many points as last year where I used 1 point for every 20 yards. Again, I'm considering a 3 point bonus for 100 yard games.
2 pt conversions: 2 pts.

TDs: 6 pts
Yds: 1 pt for every 10 yards. Again, this will result in twice as many points as last year where I used 1 point for every 20 yards. I'm not really considering a 3 point bonus for 100 yard games, but that's up for discussion too.

Fumbles lost: -2 pts

Kicking (Field goals)
1-39 yards: 3pts
40-49 yards: 4 pts
50+ yards: 5 pts
Extra points: 1 pt

Defensive Scoring
Defensive and special team TDs: 6 pts
Sack: 1 pt
Safety: 2 pts
Interceptions: 2pts
Fumble recoveries: 2pts
Blocks: 2 pts

Total points against
0: 15 pts
2-5 pts: 12 pts
6-8 pts: 10 pts
9-11 pts: 8 pts
12-15 pts: 6 pts
16-21 pts: 5 pts
22-26 pts: 3 pts
27-31 pts: 0 pts
32-36 pts: -3 pts
37+ pts: -5 pts

Scoring should be higher this year than it was last year, which is good. I'm actually pretty excited. Now I just need to get enough people in the league! If you're interested, please go ahead and join and identify your team in the comments. My team is the RossCode Raders. And remember, the more the merrier!

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