Joins The Lounge

posted on 04/07/08 at 10:28:34 pm by Joel Ross

If you've visited (not in a news reader), you may have noticed that it's a bit cleaner - fewer ads, and only in the sidebar. Well, that's because I was recently accepted into the .NET Small Publishers Room in The Lounge, an ad network run by James Avery. The room is filled with high profile bloggers, such as Dave Donaldson, Steven Harman, Jim Holmes, Michael Eaton and others. From James' announcement:

Joel Ross is another great developer who I have gotten to know much better through twitter. I also have a chance of finishing in the top 3 of his bracket group if UNC makes it all the way.

Amazingly, I'm still in The Lounge, despite UNC losing to Kansas, which is what I was rooting for! Also, note the plug for twitter. That seems to be a theme lately.

And if you're reading this in a feed reader - business as usual. No ads in my feed.

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