Posting Oddities

posted on 2005-08-18 at 00:20:45 by Joel Ross

If you've been reading this blog for a while (from last November, or so), then you may remember that I wrote my own blogging tool to post to my blogs. I post to multiple ones at the same time, and I wrote a tool that will do that for me.

At that time, I used to write my posts directly in the tool. But after a while, I realized the usefulness of writing posts in something other than a single threaded app. When I say single threaded, I don't mean in the programming sense - I mean in the application sense. I could only write one post at a time. I had to jot down notes about other thoughts I had.

So, I switched to using OneNote to jot posts down in. I created a "Blog" folder in OneNote, and an "In Process" tab, a "Published" tab, a "Ready To Publish" tab, and a "Cancelled" tab. I think they're pretty self explanatory. I write in the "In Process" tab. When it's ready, I put it into the "Ready To Publish" tab, and when I get around to it, I post from there, and move it to the "Published" tab. If I give up on a post, something I've done quite a bit, it gets moved to the "Cancelled" tab.

Anyway, there's been a side effect with b2evolution. One of the "features" of OneNote is that it autocorrects my typing. I like the feature, but it causes issues with my posting. Two things stick out. My mistakes happen when I type too fast - I don't end up capitalizing sentences, and I miss apostrophes. OneNote is kind enough to correct that issue for me, but for whatever reason, when I put it into my blogging tool and post it, you'll see an A with a hat on it. It doesn't do it when I post to .Text, but it does to b2evolution. I'm researching the issue, but I haven't had much luck, partly because I don't know PHP very well.

So, for anyone wondering what is causing that, now you know!

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