Post 100: A Look Back

posted on 2004-10-10 at 00:18:43 by Joel Ross

It only took me six months, but I'm finally at post 100. At this blog. I've had quite a few blogs in my lifetime. I've used an XML based blog, I've used blogspot, I have a (semi) active GeekDojo blog, and I have one through work.

But this one's the only one that gets everything I post. And that I feel pretty comfortable putting anything on. Sure, others may get content sooner (my work blog had the gmail folder thing three days earlier), but it eventually makes it here.

At first, my goal was to build a following, so I was cautious of what I posted. I had big plans. Lots of code, lots of sports, and lots of politics. But I toned the politics down, mainly because I was afraid of what my readers would think. What are they (you) looking for when you come to my site? I still don't know, but the hits keep going up (slowly, but steadily), so I must be doing something right.

I still don't post about politics much. Maybe it's because I don't feel eloquent enough to defend my position. I'm perfectly fine defending in person, but on paper, not so much. Or maybe because subcontiously, I don't want to offend anyone. Or provide something to someone that they aren't expecting to get. Let's get the last one out of the way right here: I may start posting about politics. And you may not like it. Or you may. If you're offended, then so be it. I won't apologize, because that's my opinion. If you're looking for something else from this site, and don't want politics, subscribe to a category feed, rather than the overall feed. The eloquent part? I can't fix that. I'll just do my best.

Blogs are an interesting thing. I can't explain why, but I have more posts this month than in any other month I've ever blogged. And it's only the 10th (10 minutes into it). And this week was the busiest work week I've had in months, yet I was still able to blog. Maybe it was seeing traffic increase. Maybe the moon is full. I have no explanation, but I do hope to keep it up. It's almost an addiction now!

It's also amazing to me how the blogosphere works. I recently saw a referrer come through from Steve's midlife crisis. That caught my attention. I've been getting a lot of referrer spam lately, but this one was different. One hit. Referrer spam usually comes in 10s and 20s. So I checked it out. Most of the recent posts are about the Middle East. But I'm on his blog list. I have no idea why, and I think there are others out there that link to me, but that one caught me off guard. You never know what you post that catches the eye of someone else.

Speaking of blog lists, I need to get mine up. And I'm working on a redesign of how the site looks. Given that I'm a horrible designer, it may be worse. I'm also trying to figure out what to do with No, the blog won't go away, but the root may change. Now that I have a bunch of extra space, I can do something with it. Some sort of portal? A wiki? A CMS site? Who knows. I guess we'll see if I can come up with anything.

Anyway, this blogging thing has been fun, and I hope to keep it up for another 100 posts. Hopefully the next 100 will come faster than the first 100.

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