Podshow versus the World

posted on 03/30/06 at 11:17:10 pm by Joel Ross

There's a little war going on in the podosphere right now, and it's fun to watch.

So where did it stem from? Keith and The Girl. Alegedly, they got their hands on a Podshow contract and read it on their podcast. If it's the actual contract, then people signing up with Podshow are basically turning everything over to Podshow, for not a lot of guaranteed return. I'm not going to rehash the contract, but Scott Fletcher of Podcheck Review has a nice summary, finishing with this little Fletcherism:

Not the worst contract I've ever heard. In retrospect, that contract I signed when the devil gave me my voice was a bad contract.

After this, how did Adam Curry respond? Well, he basically said he's not going to discuss contacts. By his non-response, to me, he's basically saying that Keith got it right, and that is the contract. If it wasn't, wouldn't you come out and say so? Some of the stuff in there would scare away a lot of podcasters from even talking to Podshow, so it would be in their best interest to get the truth out there.

Unless Keith's version is the truth.

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