Open Source License

posted on 2004-11-09 at 01:17:02 by Joel Ross

Does anyone have any recommendations for an open source license? I'm thinking of releasing my blogging tool and b2 blogging extension as open source, and would like to get some advice about what license would be the best.

I've heard Microsoft isn't allowed to install GPLed software, so I would rather stay away from that - who knows, a 'softie might want to try it out! I know WiX was released under the CPL, and am going to read that to see if it might be a good fit. I should also check what license the AdServer eventually went with, as that might be a good choice.

Next question - I am using a component listed on that says it has no license. It was written by someone from Microsoft, but his email address is bouncing. What are the implications of using his software? Should I include his source, or just his redist? Obviously, if I go forward, he'll get credit for his peice, but I also don't want to get in trouble with him.

Next. Is there any interest in this at all? There's two parts to it: One is a blogging tool. It's a windows app that supports blogging to multiple blog plug-ins. I blog regularly to two .Text sites and a b2-based site, so I wanted to be able to do that all at once - no more posting to one, and copying to the others. Mike Swanson pointed out this extension, which posts to multiple .Text blogs, so I've been using that. But the b2 extension provided by Newsgator had some limitations - mainly, how to support categories independantly of the other plugins. Basically it needed to handle categories like the DotText Mult Plugin does - you select after you post, and you get a list of categories from each blog to choose from.

And that's the second peice of this. I have a b2 blog extension that supports posting to mutliple b2-based blogs and allows categories to be selected at post time.

So the two pieces - a blogging tool to post to mutliple IBlogExtensions, and a b2 extension that supports categories reliably. Any interest?

Of course, if I go forward, I'll have many more questions about how to build a good team and a solid foundation to take this forward and add new features over time. But there has to be interest first. If I see some, I'll create a page for it with some features and information about it, and probably start a Sourceforge site to host the code (no GDN workspaces - too much instability for me right now).

And, in case you're wondering, I'm dogfooding it right now. I have been for about a week now. And it still needs a name. It's called Ross Blogger right now, but that's not "sexy" so it needs a new name too. And an icon.

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