Note To Self: Don't Delete FeedStation's Setting File While It's Running!

posted on 10/09/07 at 08:48:16 pm by Joel Ross

The Wife is gone tonight, so one of the things I did after The Girls went to bed was to finish of my last podcast in my queue - emptying my queue for the first time since before The Boy was born two months ago. Before he was born, I was pretty good about finishing up my queue on a regular (almost daily) basis, but I went three weeks without listening to any podcasts, so I had a bit of a backlog.

Feeling pretty good, I went into my podcast directory, and cleaned it out. There are several podcast folders out there that I either unsubscribed from or had "podfaded" in the past few months. Getting overzealous, I selected everything in the folder and deleted it. Then, to clean up, I emptied the recycle bin.

A little later, a new podcast came through (no more empty queue!), but FeedStation gave me an error. It'd never done that before! It's one of those programs that "just works" and somehow, I broke it! I shut it down and restarted it, and all was good. I checked the podcast folder, and realized what I'd done. It creates a Settings folder, and puts a file called FeedStationHistory.fsqueue in the directory. I deleted that file while FeedStation was running, and it apparently didn't like that.

And now, there's two new podcasts in the queue. I guess nothing lasts forever!

Categories: Podcasting, Software