NFL Picks: 08-09 Week 1

posted on 09/04/08 at 06:00:00 pm by Joel Ross

For those new to the blog since January, come Fall, I change gears a bit. One of the things I've done every year since I started this blog is post my weekly picks. Then, after the games are played, I post the results, and the whole cycle starts over. I'm not sure how many people actually read my picks or care who I pick, but I'm going to continue the tradition. This year though, I think I'll trim it back a bit, and make it only one post per week, rather than the usual two.

I'm in two fantasy leagues this year, which should give me something interesting to follow for just about every game. For the record, the team I pick is in bold. If there's a * next to the team, that means I picked them to cover the spread, but ultimately lose. The over/under pick is also in bold.

Anyway, on to the picks for the first week of the 2008-2009 NFL season.

  • Washington vs. New York Giants (-3.5) (41 O/U)
  • Detroit (-3) vs. Atlanta (41 O/U): Detroit has to be one of the best teams in the league every year - during the pre-season! Too bad that doesn't translate into regular season success!
  • Cincinnati (-1.5) vs. Baltimore (39 O/U)
  • Seattle vs. Buffalo (0) (39 O/U)
  • New York Jets (-3) vs. Miami (36 O/U)
  • Kansas City* vs. New England (-16.5) (46 O/U): Last year, New England routinely had 10+ point spreads (including every playoff game), and I kept waiting for them to crumble. For the most part, they never did. I guess this year is expected to more of the same!
  • Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans (-3.5) (42.5 O/U)
  • St. Louis vs. Philadelphia (-7.5) (44 O/U)
  • Houston vs. Pittsburgh (-6.5) (43.5 O/U)
  • Jacksonville (-3) vs. Tennessee (37 O/U)
  • Dallas (-4.5) vs. Cleveland (49 O/U)
  • Carolina* vs. San Diego (-9.5) (43 O/U)
  • Arizona (-2.5) vs. San Francisco (41.5 O/U)
  • Chicago vs. Indianapolis (-9.5) (44 O/U)
  • Minnesota vs. Green Bay (-2.5) (38.5 O/U)
  • Denver (-3) vs. Oakland (41.5 O/U)

I'm very excited for this season to get going! I can't wait for Thursday night. Anyway, check back next week to see how I did - I'll post a summary, along with the picks for the following week.

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