NFL Conference Semi's

posted on 2005-01-14 at 17:30:01 by Joel Ross

Once again, I'm late getting my picks up. Not that it really matters, though. I still beat the games actually being played. Of course, predictions are easier once they are played. Or would those be postdictions?

Last week I ended up 2-2 both against the spread and head to head. I called the St. Louis upset and knew Indy would run away with the game, which they did. Manning is looking unstoppable, but then again, everyone said that last year too, after Indy destroyed Denver. Now, after Denver traded to get Champ Bailey and they've been eliminated the same way this year, what is the next step? I still don't think Jake Plummer is the quarterback for them. In the other game in the AFC, San Diego's dream season came to an end. In dramatic fashion too. San Diego had thier chance - a chance at a field goal in OT. And the Jets? Well, a late penalty allowed it to even go into overtime.

The last game. Ahh. Randy Moss. What a character! I don't get the whole controversy. He mooned the audience? So what? Oh wait. He fake mooned the audience? Not even a real moon? And we're talking about this? Why? Anyway, Minnesota dominated this one from the beginning, starting with a fake run by Culpepper, with a little flip pass that se tthe tone for the day. Green Bay at the Frozen Tundra doesn't seem so threatening anymore.

So with last week out of the way, here's this week's games.

  • Minnesota vs. Philadelphia (-9): This should be a very good game. Two months ago, Philadelphia would have run away with this one. In fact, in week two, before Minnesota started tanking, Philadelphia beat them on Monday night. But now, Philly is without Owens, and that changes things. Basically, they are the same team as the last three years, where they lost in the Conference finals. I don't think Minnesota can win it, but they can cover.
  • Indianapolis vs. New England (-2.5): Last year, I picked Indy when they played the Patriots. It was based on good weather. This year, I'm doing the same thing, but it seems more likely that they'll have mid thirties this weekend, and it's supposed to be partly sunny. I think Manning will have a spectacular day against a depleted Patriots secondary. This should be a high scoring game, with Indy coming out on top.
  • St. Louis vs. Atlanta (-7): I'm not sure why I'm picking the Rams. Call it a hunch. It's all about containing Vick. If they can do that, they will beat them. Even if they can't, the Rams have the potential to still beat the Falcons.
  • New York Jets vs. Pittsburgh (-9): These two played in week 14, and Pittsburgh won, 17-6. So Ben won't have the same jitters he might have if he'd never played against his opponent before. Still, while the Pittsburgh offense relies on Ben, it can win without him. In week 17, they beat the Bills in a game that was meaningless to them, but key to Buffalo. They can win even if their offense starts to spudder tomorrow. Thier defense is solid, and should be able to contain Martin, leaving it up to Pennington to beat them.

It's going to be a busy weekend for me, and I'm not even sure I'll watch any games, but Sunday night, I'll be checking out the highlights!

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