Newsgator's API Challenge

posted on 2005-09-16 at 00:33:47 by Joel Ross

Today was a wierd day for me. I saw the Newsgator API contest a few days ago, but I hadn't posted about it. I've thought about cleaning up my Top Blog finder tool that I've been playing with and entering, but I wasn't sure I'd have the time.

But today, something interesting happened. I got a call from Newsgator. An actual person called me (I missed her name!), just to make sure I knew about the competition, and, once I said I knew about it, to ask if I was going to enter. I told her I'd considered it, and she asked about the idea, so I tried to explain what it was.

That was it. Just a courtesy call to let me know what's going on over at Newsgator. An email would have been impressive, but a phone call is, honestly, quite shocking. I'm still not sure how I was chosen to call, and where they got my contact info - could have been from my purchase, or it could have been from my blog (they called my cell phone, which is in the left navigation). Either way, they continue to impress me!

Now, it's time to win a laptop. Or maybe a Nano!

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