Newsgator Listens!

posted on 2005-09-03 at 16:43:22 by Joel Ross

Over the past few months or so, I've been more and more impressed by Newsgator. Yeah, the software is great, but that?s not why I've been impressed. Although, I do have to say that FeedDemon is a very good aggregator. There's some things missing, but I almost made the switch from Newsgator Outlook Edition to FeedDemon. Outlook freezing up doesn?t really bother me, but FeedDemon doesn't have that issue, and syncs very quickly. I may still switch - we'll see.

Anyway, that's not the main thing that's been impressing me lately. It's the way they've been listening to the blogosphere. They took the feedback about?their subscription model, and while they're sticking?to it, they've?given existing customers a two year reprieve, and stated that?FeedDemon users would still be able to use FeedDemon (without syncing) even after your subscription expires?- all because of?feedback from the blogosphere.?For me, I've posted two issues with something coming from the Newsgator camp, and I've gotten a response within two days both times. First, when I was having issues with getting my Newsgator 2.5 subscription and synching working, I was almost immediately contacted via email and we worked the issues out. Then, when I posted about my issues with the Newsgator API samples, first Greg Reinacker said they were looking into it, and then Gordon clarified. By the way, the updated API samples are out there now, and they include the necessary token.

This is how support should work!

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