New Site Features

posted on 2005-08-25 at 22:23:21 by Joel Ross

The other night, I quietly added a few new things to the site. When I do these things, I like to add value to everyone, including me.

So that's why (if you visit the site, and aren't reading this in a feed reader) you'll see more ads. That's my value. Now, that doesn't mean you should just go out there and click at random. Some of the ads don't work that way - you have to actually purchase something for me to get anything. With the exception of the Google Adsense ads, all of the ads are from companies that I use.

Now what value did I add for visitors? Well, I added search. You can either search this site, or the web from the box, but I mainly added the Google search because it allows you to search my site.

I also added my bookmarks on the left side. I post anything that I want to remember there, and you can now see what's there, as well as subscribe to the feed if you want to. This is my new linkblog - and it's pure!

Other minor additions? I added a link to my guest map. I fixed the code for my BlogMap - now it shows how many bloggers are near by. I added in my Google Talk contact information. I added a few new podcasts that I listen to. I added a link to my gVisit page. And I fixed my MSN contact information (thanks, Andrew!).

I think that's about it. We now return you to your (semi) regular blogging.


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