New Site Design, Again

posted on 2005-05-11 at 21:52:01 by Joel Ross

I pulled together a new site design again. This time, I'm much happier with the outcome. The skin is based on the LuxInterior skin for Community Server, which of course I'm not running. But I was able to modify it to work with b2evolution.

I did more than reskin it though. I updated the site to have the navigation on the left hand side, since my posts sometimes go off the screen, forcing my nav to the bottom in the past. I also added links to a few sites that I either use or am a part of, as well as adding a list of podcasts that I listen to. I am also now managing my own blogroll, rather than displaying all of my subscriptions as before. Why? Well, mainly because there's a lot of noise in that list, and I wanted to highlight the blogs that I look forward to reading every day. I added my cell phone number - we'll see how that goes. But if you have a reason to call me, go for it.

I also added a Creative Commons license for my content. I used the least restrictive one, since I post code samples a lot, and think they should be able to be used and modified for whatever purpose you want. All I want is some credit as to where you got your ideas, if appropriate.

So there you have it. Another design - one I hope sticks around for a while. What do you think of it?

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