My Rental Car - One More Time

posted on 2005-09-03 at 23:07:02 by Joel Ross

Well, I'm back in Michigan after a week on-sight, and driving my Cavalier isn't quite as fun as the Dodge Charger, which is what I had as my rental car in California. Yeah, my car is cheaper to drive, but it doesn't quite have the pick up the rental did. Anyway, here's a picture of the car:

Well, the guys I was working with thought the car needed a new look. So, right before I was leaving to head back to San Francisco, one of them "decorated" it for me:


In case that's not readable (my phone isn't the best camera in the world), it says "I?(Heart) Unicorns" and that's a picture of me riding a unicorn. Nice.

Oddly, the guys at the rental place looked at it and didn't even flinch. Is this common in San Francisco?

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