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posted on 02/26/08 at 09:51:23 pm by Joel Ross

Twice now, I've posted a list of podcasts I listen to (first time, second time), but I haven't posted an update in over two years. Today on Twitter, two people asked for some good podcasts, and while I answered, I figured I'd update my list, and include links. 140 characters isn't quite enough for that! Oh - and if you read the second one, it says I do my own podcast - I don't anymore!

Anyway - on to the list. I've separated them by audio and video.

  • DotNetRocks - this one has been on the list since day one, and even now that it's gone to twice a week, it's still one of the first ones I queue up.
  • Buzz Out Loud - This is a daily podcast about tech news. It's about 30-45 minutes long (officially it's an indeterminate length). Good way to stay on top of tech news, but you also get witty commentary.
  • CNET News Daily Podcast - It's daily as well - but about 10 minutes long. A lot of the same news as in BOL, but not much commentary - just straight news.
  • Diggnation - Not really sure this one will last very long. I realized their feed changed over the weekend and I haven't gotten an update since January 11th. If it takes over a month to even realize it, how important can it be? Either way, it's a review of some of the most popular stories on Digg. It's also available as a video. Once a week, usually 45 minutes.
  • Extralife Radio - Completely not tech. It's a show about video games, and the three guys have some good back and forth. Once a week, and about an hour.
  • Geek News Central - Another tech news review show. This has also been on my list since the beginning. It's twice weekly - Tuesday and Friday, and usually about an hour for each show.
  • Hanselminutes - Hosted by Scott Hanselman. Need I say more? His mantra is to not waste your time, and he never has. It's weekly and usually about 30 minutes. This show immediately heads to the top of the queue.
  • RunAs Radio - A spin off of DotNetRocks with Richard Campbell. It's more of an IT podcast, but it's good for developers to understand the infrastructure side, right? It's weekly, and usually about 30 minutes.
  • Mondays - Rarely posted, but great geek humor. When done, it's about an hour. It's with the gang from DotNetRocks.
  • Net @ Night - Leo Laporte and Amber MacArthur - It's weekly, and usually has some good interviews with people in the Web 2.0 world. A technical podcast, but not that technical.
  • Polymorphic Podcast - Craig Shoemaker hosts this one, and it's not exactly on a schedule. Shows seem to be few and far between. At one point, I was going to be interviewed on this show, but that fell through. It's usually very technical in nature. Usually about 30-45 minutes when it's posted.
  • The ASP.NET Podcast - Wally B. McClure hosts this one most of the time. Usually pretty technical, but not updated often. Does videos as well. Anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.
  • The Gang (RSS Feed - group homepage is in Facebook) - Formerly the Gillmor Gang, it's hosted by Steve Gillmor and is roughly technical - from a high level standpoint. It can be extremely random and is more "stream of conscience" than a coherent, thought out show. Still, it's usually an interesting debate. The Gang itself is once a week, and is usually an hour or so. He's recently started NewsGang Live, which is daily and is usually about an hour as well. That one is much more political in nature, and whether I listen to it depends on who shows up that day and what they start talking about.
  • The Signal - Thomas Lewis and Mike Swanson host this one. I know Mike personally and have a great deal of respect for him, so that's part of the reason I listen to it. It's technical and relates to Mix '08. Not sure where it'll go (if anywhere) after that. Seems randomly published, and about a half hour when it is.
  • The Thirsty Developer - Dave Bost hosts this one. I told him I was stalking him at Mix '07, so it's only natural I'd listen to his podcast right?
  • This Week in Law - Decent discussion among lawyers about technology related news. I'm not a lawyer, nor would I ever want to be, but it's interesting to hear their take on current issues. Usually about an hour, and rarely published.
  • This Week in Media - Weekly. About an hour. Technology news that has a media slant - such as podcasts, online video, etc.
  • This Week in Tech - Leo Laporte and an assortment of "celebs" in the tech arena. Good tech discussions. Weekly, and about an hour.
  • Thoughtworks / IT Matters - Thoughtworks is thought leadership company, making some very cool products that are public, such as CruiseControl.NET. This is a podcast about a bit of their inner workings. It's usually about an hour, but episodes are few and far between - only three so far. Also, it's .m3a format. More on that later.
  • WebDevRadio - Very technical, but not necessarily .NET related. If I remember, it's about an hour, but sometimes shorter if it's just a quick update. Publishing isn't all that scheduled.
  • Engadget HD - A discussion of media - mainly video. It's from the Engadget folks, and it's pretty good. Weekly, and about an hour.


  • Code To Live - Josh Holmes hosts this one and it's usually pretty quick and a good topic. Completely relevant to what I'm doing.
  • dnrTV - Yet another podcast coming out of Pwop Studios. It's weekly and is a screen cast. Pretty much all code on a wide variety of .NET topics.
  • GeekBrief.TV - Cali Lewis hosts this. Roughly daily and short (3-4 minutes). Tech news, but sometimes pretty obscure tech news.
  • Wallstrip - Gotta keep a business sense right? CBS now owns it, and it's daily and short as well.
  • WebbAlert - Morgan Webb hosts it. Roughly daily and short (see a theme here?). Lots of video game news, but it's also got tech news as well.
  • Ask a Ninja - It's the same thing over and over, but it's hilarious! Random and short.

So how do I get through that many podcasts? Well, first, it may seem like a lot, but a few aren't published that often. Also, I don't focus on them - they are on in the background in my ears as I work or do the dishes or fold laundry, etc. And the best tip I can give you? Listen at 2x speed. It takes a bit to get used to at first, but once you are, you can get through podcasts a lot faster. Now, if just the Zune supported 2x, I could get that same efficiency while commuting to work.

Anyway, that's my list. What am I missing?

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