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posted on 2004-12-06 at 23:30:11 by Joel Ross

I remember when I first started reading blogs. Everyone published lists of blogs they read, mainly because it was fairly new, and everyone wanted to share what they were reading.

Well, now that podcasting is the new thing, I figured I would share the podcasts I listen to. I got a question today about what podcasts were, and after explaining it, I figured I would post a few good ones. So with that, here they are. I'll link to the rss feed that contains the mp3 enclosure in it.

  • Engadget: If you're a geek (like me), and don't subscribe to the Engadget site, you should. It's a plethora of geek toys! And the podcast talks about a few of the top stories. I have to admit, I'm about 4 shows behind!
  • DotNetRocks: The DotNetRocks show is the best .NET shows around, hands down. I'm 3 behind on these right now, though.
  • Daily Source Code: Adam Curry, of MTV fame, gets users and developers partying together. This is (in my opinion) the best podcast out there. This is the first podcast I listen to if I have one available. I'm all caught up on these. I couldn't pinpoint a reason he's the best, but he is. Plus, he's the Godfather of Podcasting!
  • Mondays: Carl Franklin and Rory Blythe used to roll the DotNetRocks interview and what is now Mondays (minus the Monday interview) into one show. They've since seperated them, and kept the techie stuff in the DotNetRocks show, and everything else (including an interview) in Mondays. It's definitely entertaining.
  • GeekNewsCentral: He's from Hawaii, and does a fairly interesting show. It's another review of the latest tech news, but usually covers different stuff than engadget. He has more news than toys.
  • The Skinny On Sports: He does a 10 minute take on four hot issues in sports. It's short, easy to keep up with, and gives you info about the biggest stories.

I have a couple of others that I listen to occasionally, but these are my staple of podcasts. If you use an aggregator that supports automatic download of enclosures, such as Newsgator or iPodder, the above links are the ones you will want.

The best tip I have to keep up? If you listen using Windows Media Player (like I do most of the time), set the speed to fast (Ctrl-Shift-G). For music, it's no good, but for people speaking, it's fine. It cuts down on probably about 40% of the time it takes to listen to a podcast.

So, for those already listening to podcasts, what others are out there that I'm missing?

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