My Blogging Tool - Plugin Update

posted on 2004-11-01 at 21:38:37 by Joel Ross

I've got my plugin architecture working - sort of. No new progress from last night as far as loading the plug-ins, but I do have the rest of it working. Now, when you write a blog entry and click the blog button, it will blog to the plugins you have selected.

I'm not sure how I want to handle categories. I'll probably have to do a little research about how each plugin handles categories. I know the b2 plugin expects the category tags to be inside the description (body of the message). The spec calls for multiple categories to be stored in the item node. The DotText (multi) plugin allows you to select categories in the posting process (as well as posting to multiple .Text blogs).  So how should I handle it? Most blogging tools have some support for categories. But with the different ways to handle them, I'm not sure that's appropriate.

Maybe the best way to handle it is just to write a plugin for b2 and blogger, and tell people to get the Multi .Text plugin, and leave it up to the plugin to handle categories - or the user, with the knowledge that different plugins may handle categories different.

I still have some testing to do (this is my first one), but someday, I hope to release this for someone else to use. Is anyone even interested in this? Maybe I'll build a page for it, make a post that has some screen shots, and see what kind of reaction I get.

I still have some bugs to fix, but for only a few hours of work, it's not too bad. So far, it's been pretty stable.

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