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posted on 2004-10-24 at 00:37:23 by Joel Ross

I saw this post from Jason Clarke about Scoble's link blog, and I tend to agree with Jason.

I've looked through quite a few of Scoble's feeds on bloglines and most are full text. So what's the big deal if someone else uses your full text feed somewhere else? It's obvious from the way he's branded the link blog that he's not claiming to have written it himself. Plus, I don’t have time to click on most of the items in his link blog - but if the whole item was there, I'd read it. And if it’s good, then I'll click the link, and most likely subscribe to the feed.

The exposure from Scoble is good. I got a lot of traffic coming from his link blog today, and who knows how many from their own syndicators (my traffic yesterday was unreal - more than twice as much as ever before). He dropped four of my posts there Friday night.

On another note, I've considered starting my own link blog. I read a lot that of posts that I think are worth reading, but I don't have the time to blog about most of them. I take the best I see, and blog about those, or (rarely) blog about my own ideas. But there's a bunch more that's useful. But to do this, I would need to have something like Kunal's OutlookMT setup. And since that tool won't post to anything I have access to (I have a couple of .Text blogs, but they are community bogs, and no MovableType blogs), I'll have to try to find something else. It has to be as easy as OutlookMT is though - drag and post.

One more side note. Maybe Scoble should sort his feeds by people who have given him permission to use full text feeds and those who haven't. Then he could linkblog the full content ones as full content. I'll be the first to give him my permission!

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