In Celebration Of The First NFL Game This Year...

posted on 2004-08-10 at 12:19:38 by Joel Ross

...I've started a fantasy league at yahoo. And it's open to all of my faithful readers!

Here's the info you'll need:

League ID: 352706
Password: desktop

I've set a maximum of 16 teams, so it's on a first come, first serve basis to get a team. Also, it's free, so there's no cost. My only request is that you don't sign up if you're not going to participate throughout the whole season. That doesn't mean making trades, dropping players, etc every week, but at least updating the weekly roster to get any players on a bye week out of the lineup.

I'll spell out the league settings below, but for those who aren't into the NFL enough to do full blown fantasy football, I also started a Survivor Football league. Basically, each week, you pick one team that is a "sure fire" pick, and if they lose, you're done. If they win, you live to pick again the next week. That's open to 50 people, so feel free to sign up for that too! Here's the info:

League ID: 13669
Password: desktop

I'll eventually start a Pro Football Pick 'Em and College Football Pick 'Em once they become available, and I'll post that info when I get it.

Anyway, the scoring is basically the same as the default scoring that Yahoo uses, with a couple of caveats, which are highlighted below.

Draft Type: Autopick. Once everyone is signed up, I'll set the draft status to ready, and we'll get our teams.
Scoring Type: Head to head
Trade Deadline: November 19th
Playoffs Week 15 & 16 (Week 17 seems to be a week where lots of players sit out)
Scoring: Same as Yahoo's except that field goal and PAT misses count against the kicker.

So there you have it. Go to the league page to see more detailed rules. I'll see how it goes this year, and tweak them next year, and hopefully make this an annual thing!

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