How to get Podcasting into the Mainstream

posted on 2004-10-24 at 23:59:20 by Joel Ross

Don't ask me why I keep posting about podcasting. I really don't know. But here's an idea I've kicked around for a while, that I think Podcasting could help out.

First, how the connection came through. Two people: Rory Blythe and Carl Franklin. First, Rory said Podcasting is a means of syndicating binary content - that's all!. Then, Carl said It's a subscription-based delivery mechanism (albeit simple) for any kind of file. So there's the background. Syndicate any type of content.

So what's my idea? Use this for TV. Right now, even with TiVo, you need to know when a show is on to record it. You can then watch it any time. But what if you knew CSI was released at 8:00 PM every Thursday, and even though you can’t get to a place to record it, you know it will be delivered the next time your TiVo checks for updated content? You subscribe to the "CSI feed" and when a new show is released, you get it automatically. Yes, you can watch live if you want, but if you don't, you just download it later.

It's kind of the idea of video on demand that most cable companies are starting to offer, but on a much larger scale. Will cable companies ever go for it? I don't know, but I think one day, the demand for this type of technology will be high, and it'll be difficult to ignore.

One more point. Think podcasting won't catch on? I don't think that's the case. People already do this, just not in an automated fashion. You can download the Bob and Tom show as a subscriber and listen to previous episodes. Rush Limbaugh does the same thing. I'm sure there are others.

One more idea to make podcasting easier to use. A radio with built-in Wifi. When you park it in your garage, it connects to your home wireless network and downloads podcasts from your home computer. Make it easy to set up, and now you have podcasts delivered to your car automatically. I'm sure anyone with a PC in their car (I've seen CarPCs quite a bit lately) could do this right now!

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