Grand Rapids Tech Lunch Recap

posted on 12/03/08 at 10:35:56 pm by Joel Ross

This past Monday, we had our 7th GR Tech Lunch, and had some great guests: Ben Gott and Rick DeVos. They both did a great job, and we had our biggest turnout since we started. I didn't count, but we had somewhere between 30 and 40 people.

Ben and Rick did a great job explaining how they got started, how they got in touch with each other, and what they're working on together. Then they talked a bit about the lessons they've learned along the way and answered lots of questions specifically about what they're doing and starting a business in general.

Ben offered up his biggest lesson learned, and it really struck home for me. he said, "Don't build software you don't use." It seems so obvious, but you'll be much less effective building something that you don't want to use. And it's not just the overall software; Remember that on features too, especially early in development. Maybe once your application is more established and has a solid customer base, you can start to add features you wouldn't use because it has a bottom line implication. Early in the project though, when you don't have a clear view of where revenue will come from, build what you will use. It sees some so obvious now.

Anyway, it was a thrill to have those two speak, and I wanted to thank them publicly. For those that don't know Ben and Rick, I'll give you some background (as best as I know it). In 2005, Rick and a few of his friends came to NuSoft to get help with an idea they had: build a site for independent film makers and their fans. The result: Ben also came to NuSoft to help build out his idea: build a site where independent music artists could sell directly to their fans. The result:

Sense a theme? I started to: Find a group that provides something others need and allow them to connect directly with those people. Apparently they did too, because after those two things, they joined forces. A while later they launched, a site focused on community members relating their needs and allowing other community members to meet those needs. It's a great idea, and it sounds like they are getting pretty good traction, at least in the Grand Rapids area. I definitely plan to recommend it to my church!

Anyway, if you were at the lunch and I didn't get to say hi, sorry! Leave a comment though and let me know you were there. Also, next month, we have another great speaker lined up, but I'll leave that announcement for the Grand Rapids Tech Lunch site. So, if you're interested in attending, make sure to subscribe to the RSS feed or check it often. For this last one, we used the comments as the reservations, and filled up fast!


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