Google Using Yahoo's Media RSS

posted on 03/10/06 at 10:48:58 pm by Joel Ross

When Yahoo first launched MediaRSS, a lot of people screamed that we didn't need yet another format. Yahoo pressed forward, and while they've been using it, I haven't heard about many others using.

That changed today. And it's one of thier biggest competitors. Google is going to be using the extension for Google Video. Maybe Google is back on track now - it looks like their calendar app is going to be pretty good, and now, cooperation with the enemy when it makes sense. This could be the edge that MediaRSS needs to make it in the main stream.

Anyway, where is Google using it? Google Video, of course. It's not publicly available from the site, but there are a couple of different sample links: top videos any search result

It'll eventually be available from the site, but in the mean time, they are looking for feedback. That's impressive in itself!

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