Google CL2 (Calendar)

posted on 03/09/06 at 01:51:39 am by Joel Ross

Mike Arrington is among the first to provide some hard evidence?that Google Calendar is actually real. He's got a whole series of screen shots and claims they are real. With the sheer amount of shots that he has, I tend to believe this is the real deal. It looks dirt simple to use, and I wonder how this will effect a company like 30 boxes, who is just getting their feet off the ground, only to have a major player release something (presumably) on the heels of what 30 boxes is offering.

Of course the calendar app is integrated with gmail - that was always a given, right? It's got the familiar keyboard shortcuts that were made popular in gmail, and it's got AJAX, making the interface qucik and clean. SMS reminders are included, as is sharing. It sounds like Google may actually get a new product right, something they've struggled with lately (well, almost since gmail's roll out).

They should get it right. A google calendar rumor has been around for a long time. I first mentioned it to RCW listeners (well, readers back then) on October 1st!

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